Remember how I promote some of my other boutique businesses on this website:
  • Quote Become a member and even a business builder for Melaleuca. Save 30% to 40% all the time on your everyday home and personal products. You can shop directly through your Melaleuca account at over 650 affiliate store websites to save up to 15% that you would not receive when shopping directly with these affiliates. Melaleuca also offers many other financial, credit and technology services at remarkable savings. Learn more by contacting me at: 718 612 3984 or [email protected] - I will provide you with a presentation on the company and assist you to complete the appropriate forms. You will need to indicate my Member Identification Number 76731081 on the forms. Thank you. unquote, well...
  • you save 30-40% on the retail price of the same categories of products you would be buying on a daily basis out there (save $$$), 
  • you get a natural quality product that is not harmful to you, your home and the environment (save $$$ on accidentally ingesting the product since it is natural - it is not toxic and no need to go to the doctor or hospital (save $$$) to get flushed & pumped, just drink fluids at home to remedy and also save $$$ on masses of ineffective products you've been buying only to throw out), 
  • you get high dose of quantity on the product because it is concentrated for less than your everyday products you've been using (save $$$ and earn on quantity), 
  • you don't carry the product home that is heavily filled with water since it is delivered right to your door (save $$$ on products that are supposedly strong and effective but yet toxic and buy a product that is over 75% water based - you are paying for water), 
  • you fill your own water levels at home (again save $$$ and earn on quantity concentration and save on frequency of purchases), you save $$$ on your own gas traveling to the stores, 
  • you save the environment from more pollution in our air, our land & our waters and more costly damaging effects it will have on our planet for the future of humanity, thus you earn a better, cleaner and healthier way of life, save and earn time in your already heavy schedule from having to make those monthly purchases of products you know you use over and over physically at the stores - free up your time by placing these products on an automatic monthly back up purchase schedule, 
  • you save $$$ with monthly coupons emailed to you every month, earn $$$ by listening to short videos on the Melaleuca website that you can immediately apply to your purchase, 
  • accessing over 650 other affiliate store websites through your account with Melaleuca allows you to earn $$$ cash back in the form of a check in the mail from Melaleuca. Recently, I got cash back from purchases I made on Home Depot and Target's websites' through my account at Melaleuca ! Tell me, how wonderful is this all ? Any way you look at it, you are saving $$$ and earning $$$ and saving and earning on your life and activities timeline. Relax and enjoy life !

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