Our Mission
"Magali La Farandole" is a family-owned and operated virtual boutique that is the realization of Fabiola L. Nadjar Fiore's dream to keep her heart in Provence and travel to exotic lands. Our boutique and its collection represents the essence of Provence and all the far away lands, those which indulge all of our senses - sight, smell, touch/feel, taste, and audio.
We are committed to offer you authentic, finely crafted, products from these regions.

The Story behind "Magali La Farandole"
"Magali La Farandole" is a provençal girl which was created by Fabiola L. Nadjar Fiore, owner, chief executive officer and president of "Magali La Farandole, Inc." - the original corporate headquarter of this virtual boutique. "Magali" is a traditional provençal girl's first name. "La Farandole" is one of the most popular traditional provençal folkloric danses, which - was and still is - dansed throughout the villages after Sunday worship (mass) and during many of the yearly festivities and harvest times. "Magali La Farandole" took shape from a folkloric collection doll that Fabiola's parents bought her during her childhood living in the south of France. The doll had no name yet represented "Provence", (as seen on the home page of this website). Fabiola gave her a name and gave her life !
"Magali La Farandole, Inc." then was dissolved and re-created as "Magali La Farandole, LLC", which now brings you fabulous products still from Provence, the French Riviera and expanded to all parts of the world just at your fingertips along with the feeling of physically being there, being everywhere. "Magali" expanded her journey to allow you to shop directly online in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. "Magali La Farandole" will also take you away from your everyday life and routine and will carry you to the lands of beyond to enhance your culture with ours. Although, without pretending to be a history professor or tour operator, we do insist on making your journey with us a most pleasant one by offering you historical and cultural information and not just a long list of products and prices. Our historical and cultural elements, as well as our boutique articles will frequently be updated to make this virtual shop a definitely more pleasant one to visit. Bearing this in mind, do come and visit us as often as you would like.

At "Magali La Farandole, LLC", we carry: Textiles and all types of products made from Provençal and International fabrics; Pottery and Ceramics; China, Crystal and Glassware; Specialty Foods, Teas & Coffees; Fragrances and Aromatherapies; Art, Sculptures, Jewelry and "Papeterie"; and so many more innovative fabulous Provençal and International products. We work with more artists and artisans who make one of a kind and some repetitive but limited decorations and furnishings.

Just come on in and browse at your own pace.