567 Hayko - Suzani Decorative Uzbekistan Embroidery and Silk Fabric Throw Pillow Cases - Hayko Fine Rugs & Tapestries
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567 Hayko - Suzani Decorative Uzbekistan Embroidery and Silk Fabric Throw Pillow Cases - Hayko Fine Rugs & Tapestries

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Part Number:567 Hayko - Suzani Embroidery and Silk Throw Pillow Cases

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Suzani Silk Front and Cotton Back with Zippers Pillow Covers


Mostly Florals “Suzani” means needlework and representative of the gorgeous embroideries of Central Asia.
Hayko Fine Rugs & Tapestries also fabricates other home decorative collections such as these Suzani Embroidery Silk Decorative Throw Pillow Cases that are handmade by artisan weavers in Uzbekistan using the traditional skills and talents of looming the silk fabrics and then embroidering on them with yarns of every bright color, as bright as, the flowers that grow in UzbekistanThese beautiful textiles represent traditional designs and craftsmanship from Uzbekistan. As with all handcrafted products, no two pieces are ever entirely alike and what seems as an imperfection is just part of the natural materials that were used to make them. This is what makes all handmade, handcrafted, bespoken collections so interesting and original.

Decorate any room with these beautifully appointed throw pillows (pillow cases). Fill them with your existing pillows with their cases still on or buy new pillow fillers and you have a newly decorated room. 

Create a bohemian section in your living room with these pillows (pillow cases) scattered on a fluffy rug along with a low table and feel taken away in the orients (near, middle or far). 

Even your children will enjoy them with their floral patterns and colors that they brighten up with.

The front fabric is 100% silk and the back is 100% cotton with a zipper to insert your pillow filling.

Size: The pillow cases measure approximately 18 inches X 18 inches.

Patterns and Colors of  Uzbekistan nature sun, moon, disks, flowers (tulips, carnations, irises, thistle, orchids, gladiolas, lavender, gerberas, roses), leaves, vines, fruit (pomegranates) and sometimes fish and birds.

1 of each available only. Suzani can be purchased in sets of different patterns and still create a beautiful setting.

Please choose the number of pillows by floral patterns and colors that you wish from the check boxes and the price will add up accordingly. Pillow Cases costs $28.00 a piece.

Cleaning Suggestions: Dry Clean Only

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