B2B - Le Sérail Soap 100 grams - Stamped "Magali La Farandole"
Magali La Farandole Soap

B2B - Le Sérail Soap 100 grams - Stamped "Magali La Farandole"

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Part Number:282 B2B - Le Sérail Soap 100 grams

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Le Sérail Soap 100 grams - Stamped "Magali La Farandole"
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For your business/school/office, etc... and Staff's use.


You may resell these soaps to your clients/patients.


  • Le Sérail Soap 100 grams - Stamped "Magali La Farandole"
  • For half a century "Le Serail" soap factory has been manufacturing soap by hand using traditional methods. These soaps are the most purest and of highest quality in the region of Provence. The soaps are made from pure vegetable oils (72%) and other special essential natural agents to make soap what it is. This soap is accepted and recommended by Pediatricians and Dermatologists in France for its hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial qualities.
  • Ingredients: oil, ash, salt, water, and a dose of know-how. Melted and cooked in large cast-iron pots at 100 degrees Celcius for 24 hours, it is then poured in special bassins. It is then cut once and cut further down to the various sizes and dried on wooden surfaces for two to three weeks minimum.
  • It is finally branded with the soap company's name. It is also stamped with our corporate name: "Magali La Farandole".
  • Vegetable soap - the white soap comes in the following scents: Lavender, honey, lime blossom, tiare, mink, milk, honeysuckle, cinnamon-orange, jasmine, mimosa, rose, magnolia, green apple, passion fruit, bran, sweet almond, mixed flowers, lime.
  • Olive soap - the green soap comes in the following scents: Lavender, lavandin, verbena, olive, green apple, passion fruit, clay, seaweed, vanilla, rosemary, pine, mint.
  • Each bar of soap weighs 100 grams. Minimum purchase of 120 bars per carton in assorted scents. More cartons of 120 bars of soap each can be ordered in our add-on options.
  • Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for your order to me handcrafted and shipped directly from France. Please note that once the order is placed, it can not be cancelled since it is being handmade and customized with our corporate name. The soap maker's workshop will not stock or sell any cancelled orders for another eventual client on our behalf. Our company will not be bound to import any cancelled orders since we do not stock any merchandise. Please also note that these soaps are not returnable either for the same above reasons.
  • Since this product is being shipped directly to you from the the Soap Maker in France, it requires to comply, pass and clear through USA Customs Brokers upon entering the USA for import duties, taxes, tariffs and other related clearance fees in accordance with USA State and Government Import Regulations.
  • As we do not know what the calculations of these charges may be, we can not include them in advance in the cost of the product.
  • Therefore, you will receive a bill directly from the transportation company (ie: FedEx, UPS, DHL, a freight forwarder, etc...) for these additional charges to be settled by you directly with the transportation company.

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